Environmental Project

S.N Name of Project Client Description of Project Rendered Value of Work Project Period Remarks
1 Environmental Assessment of Proposed Melamchi Water Supply
(EC No. 93)
World Bank Preliminary assessment on environmental aspect of the provided US$ 200 million Melamchi Water Supply Project for Kathmandu Valley US$ 0.016 million Dec. 1989-
Feb. 1990
in association with Stanley Associates, Canada
2. Dolphin Observation Study (EC No. 108) Himalayan Power
Dolphin & Ghariyal Observation Study at Karnali river.   March 1992 Single
3. Greater Kathmandu Environmental Project-Bagmati Basin Water Management Strategy & Investment Program
(EC No. 115)
The World Bank Comprehensive environmental review of water management issues within the Bagmati River Basin (including down-stream areas outside the Kathmandu Valley) and to develop an action plan and investment program in order to restore the River and its tributaries to an environmentally safe condition for all users including riverine life, and to enhance the historic and cultural endowments along the water courses. US$ 0.03 million Feb. 1993
Dec. 1993
in association with Stanley Associate Engineering Ltd., Canada/Mott MacDonald Ltd. U.K.
4. Gulmi-Arghakhanchi Rural Development Program
(EC No. 133)
  Semi-detailed EIA in the project areas of the districts of Gulmi and Arghakhanchi in Nepal, also taking into consideration the activities of other donors in the project area that may compete for the same natural resources. Single
5. Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) for Proposed Third Road Improvement Project
(EC No. 145)
ADB IEE of some proposed roads for improvement under, "Third Road Improvement Project". US$ 2,359 Feb.- Mar. 1995 in association with Roughton International
6. Development of Policy on Ecology and Strategy on Natural Resource Management (EC No. 155) MHDP/SNV-Nepal Formulate the Ecology Policy; design the ecology part of the MHDP Monitoring and evaluation strategy; and assist in the development of a strategy on Natural Resource Management. NRs. 0.514 million Nov. 1995
Feb. 1996
7. Chameliya Hydropower Project (EC No. 175) NEA Environmental Impact Study of the Chameliya Hydropower Project. NRs. 1.3 million July 1997
Dec. 1997
8. Kaligandaki A Hydroelectric Project
(EC No. 181)
MKI/NEA Environmental Impact Assessment of Alternate Transmission Line Route. NRs. 0.45 million Oct. 1997
Dec. 1997.
9. Upper Modi A Hydroelectric project: Preliminary Environment Study
(EC No. 189)
NEA Preliminary study to prepare an environmental matters related to the project and to show the area affected by hydropower project in relation to the total area of Annapurna Conservation Area Project. NRs. 0.27 million Jun. 1998-
July 7, 1998
10. Bhairab Kund Khola Hydropower Project
(EC No. 190)
Alliance Power Nepal Ltd. (K. P. Bhandari, Hydropower Promoter) Pre-feasibility Study including hydrological, geological investigation, environmental studies, cost estimate, financial and economic analysis. NRs. 0.2 million Jun. 1998-
Jul. 1998
11. Pre-feasibility and Feasibility Study of Chaku Khola Hydroelectric Project(940 KW)
(EC No. 193)
Alliance Power Nepal (P) Ltd. Topographical survey, hydrological and geological investigation, preliminary environmental study preliminary designs and drawings, cost and quantity estimate, financial and economic analysis. NRs. 1.8 million Jul.1998-
Apr. 1999.
12. Feasibility and EIA Studies of Simbuwa Khola Hydropower Project
(EC No. 199
EDC Topographical survey, hydrological and geological investigation, design of structures, alignment of access road and transmission line, EIA study, economic and financial analysis. NRs. 2.5 million Nov.1998-Oct.1999 Single
13. Indrawati-III Hydropower 66 kV Transmission Line Project
Part-I: Design & Bid
The document contains the Invitation for Bids for Engineering, Procurement and Construction of 66 kV Transmission Line from the Power House at Jyamire VDC for the Indrawati – III HEP (SMW) to Panchkhal Substation; technical specification for material & construction; and Tower Location Map (Scale: 1:2000) prepared after thorough topographical survey.
NRs. 0.5 million Jan. – Apr.1999 Single
  Part-II: IEE (EC No. 201)   Part-II:
IEE Study of the above alignment with 25m wide RoW undertaken to identify positive and negative impacts, suggest mitigation measures and prepare monitoring plan.
14 Preparation of Scoping Document & TOR for Conducting Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of Pancheswar Multipurpose Project
(EC No. 209)
NEA/PMP Identification of issues to be addressed regarding the likely impacts of the PMP including the approaches and methodologies to deal with them and preparation of TOR for EIA of the same project. NRs. 1..309 Million Feb. Apr. 2000 METCON Consultancy (P) Ltd. (J.V.)
15 Babai Irrigation Project
(EC No. 222)
DOI Detailed Engineering Works (Survey, design, estimate of Syphon across Babai river and Rectification of Farmers kulo), Formation of WUA Organization and Environmental Impact Assessment. NRs. 2.354 Million Sept. 9, 2000
Apr. 30, 2001
i.a.w. BDA Nepal and TEAM Nepal (P) Ltd.
16 Initial Environmental Examination of Rural Electrification Scheme
(EC No. 230)
NEA Initial Environmental Examination Study in Dhanusa, Morang, Jhapa and Bara Districts. NRs. 0.870 Million Dec. 8, 2000-Jun, 2001 NESS (J.V.)
17. Hydropower Project
(EC No. 233)
DOED Preparation of Standards for Study of Hydropower Projects NRs. .0.764 million Dec. 26, 2000-Jun. 14, 2001 Nepal Consult (P) Ltd. & Hydro Engineering Services (P) Ltd. (J.V.)
18. Chameliya Hydroelectric Project
(EC No. 242)
NEA-ED Preparation of Scoping and Terms of Reference Document. NRs. 0.298 million Jun. 18-Jul. 10, 2001 Single
19. Chameliya Hydro-electric Project
(EC No. 256)
NEA-ESSD Environmental Impact Assessment Study. NRs. 2.847 million Apr.25, 2003
Oct. 24, 2004
20. Sisdole Landfill Site for Development of Semi-Aerobic System for the Study on the Solid Waste Management for the Kathmandu Valley Project
(EC No. 275)
JICA Study Team
  • Detailed topography survey of natural conditions;
  • Soil survey investigation involving drilling boreholes, installation of pipes and pumping out test; and
  • Detailed design of semi-aeration system involving preparation of overall concept plan, detailed design of 1st Phase of landfill site development with wastewater treatment facility such as aeriator and natural treatment system.
NRs. 2.1 million July 2-Sept. 15, 2004 Single
21. Construction Supervision of Implementation of semi-Aerobic Landfill at Sisdole
(EC No. 275a)
JICA Study Team Construction Supervision of Implementation of Semi-Aerobic Landfill at Sisdole NRs. 0.342 million Oct. 1, 2004 –
Feb. 28, 2005
22. Phewa Lake Environmental Awareness and Capacity Building Project
(EC No. 284)
Pokhara Sub-Metropolitan City/JICA Nepal Preparation of Phewa Lake Environmental Resource Map and Environmental Profile NRs. 0.289 million Feb. 20 –
Apr. 20, 2005
23. Taikabu Landfill Site Project
(EC No. 287)
The JICA Study Team Topography Survey, Soil Investigation Survey, Concept Design, Supplemental Environmental Survey and Technology Transfer and recommendations. NRs. 1.407 million Apr. 27 – June 26, 2005 Single
24. Gomphu-Panbang Highway Project, Bhutan
(EC No. 292)
Development of Roads, Thimpu, Bhutan Environmental Assessment of Gomphu-Panbang Highway IC. Rs. 0.157 million Aug. 22
Oct. 4, 2005
25. Capacity Building Project
(EC No. 299)
JICA Final Review of Phewa Lake Environment Awareness and Capacity Building NRs. 0.923 million Jan. 26 Mar. 25, 2007 Single
26. Detailed Topographic Survey and Concept Design of the Proposed Shyame Khet Landfill Site Solid Waste Management and Resource Mobilization Center (SWMRMC), Lalitpur Detailed Topographic Survey and Concept Design of the Proposed Shyame Khet Landfill Site NRs. 0.147 million Jan. 11 – Feb. 10, 2010 Single