S.N Name of Project Client Description of Project Rendered Value of Work Remarks
1. National Potato
(EC No. 26)
NPDP/SATA Design of a sales promotion program for emergency use for National Potato Development Program. NRs. 26,000 Single
2. Feasibility Study of a Fruit Processing Plant at Jomsom/Pokhara
(EC No. 46)
UNDP The study investigated the possibility of establishing a fruit (mainly apples) processing plant at Jomsom or Pokhara. NRs. 0.10 million Single
3. Nepal Second
Aquaculture Development Project Study
(EC No. 56)
ADB/Manila. Feasibility study. NRs. 0.1 million Single
4. IMP Soils Survey (EC No. 66) IMP-TA Team/
A soil survey of 2000 ha of Sirsiya Dhudhaura Command area to (I) identify and delineate Soil Units at Sub-group level and redraw Soil map to show FCC Units; (ii) identify and delineate arable lands of irrigation and (ii) identify and delineate areas with drainage problems and assessment of drainability. NRs. 0.125 million Single
5. Second Livestock Development Project
(EC No. 70)
DLDAH/DDC Monitoring and Evaluation of Livestock Project in Nepal. Designing and installing effective accounting and auditing system for Department of Livestock Development and Animal Health (DLDAH) & Dairy Development Corporation (DDC). Development of manpower in Livestock Sector. Institutional Study on Livestock Vaccine development and Dairy Sector, including livestock regulatory review. NRs. 2.3 million Single
6. Rural Education and Training including
Micro-Credit Program
(EC No. 84)
Fund provided by
Rural Education & Training Program was a community level action oriented program. The program, which covered a group of 110 poor families from 3 villages in Gorkha District of Nepal, aimed at identifying the villagers felt need and in developing self-help technologies through education and training. The program seeks to develop small self-help and self-managed village level activities using micro-credits to benefit the rural poor and improve their natural environment. The program was implemented and funded by EastConsult. NRs. 0.1 million Single
7. Master Plan for
Development Project
(EC No. 89)
ADB/Manila A Master Plan to assist the development of the horticulture subsector in Nepal US$ 0.028 million Single
8. Upper Sagarmatha
Agri. Development
(EC No. 99)
ADB/ Manila. Participated with ADB Mission Team for Appraisal study of Upper Sagarmatha Agriculture Development Project US$ 5,500 Single
9. Marchwar Lift Irrigation
Project , Phase II
(EC No. 111)
UNCDF Design and Construction Supervision of Marchwar Irrigation Project Phase II. Irrigated Agriculture & Farmers Institution Development. NRs. 47.7 million Single
10. Nepal Dairy Development Study (EC No. 134) EEC Appraisal study of Dairy Development in Nepal. US$2,250 Single
11. Second Livestock
Development Project
(EC No. 149)
ADB PCR on SLDP has reviewed different aspects (five components) of livestock development practiced by the farmers in Central Development Region of Nepal including Baseline Survey. NRs. 1.5 million Single
12. Project Monitoring
& Evaluation Project
(EC No. 160)
GTZ/PLBP Support, co-ordinate and monitor the implementation of PME modules for District Agriculture Development Office in Dolakha, Lalitpur and Parsa districts. NRs. 1.06 million Single
13. Third Livestock Development Project [ADB Loan No. 1461-NEP(SF)]
(EC No. 195)
Asian Development Bank/DLS Improve livestock productivity; promote the privatization of animal health and other support services; develop alternative market outlets for livestock and livestock products; establish and support livestock farmers groups to manage their own development; and strengthen DLS capacity to facilitate self-sustainable growth in the livestock sector and to manage and monitor and projects in Central, Western, Mid-Western and Far-Western Development Regions, particularly with DOA at Central and DADO at District level for irrigated agriculture. NRs. 35.0 million Single
14. Kamala and Pathraiya Irrigation System
(EC No. 225)
DOI/IMTP Study of Potentials of Crop Diversification .in command areas. NRs. 0.157 million Single
15. Adoption of Improved Technologies and Impacts on Agricultural Production in Selected AREP Districts, 2000
(EC No. 228)
NARC Adoption of Improved Technologies and Impacts on Agricultural Production in Selected AREP Districts, 2000 NRs. 0.997 million Single
16 Dairy Sub-Sector Study Project
(EC No. 252)
CMPCU/CECI Analysis of dairy sub-sector situation in Nepal particularly focusing on Far-Western Development Region. NRs. 0.452 million Single
17. Outcome Evaluation of HARP Projects
(EC No. 262)
Funded by DFID Outcome Evaluation of HARP Projects. NRs. 0.336 million Single
18. Third Livestock Development Project, Baseline Survey, Package A: Achham, Darchula, Baitadi & Bajhang TLDP/DOLS Preparation of District Situation Analysis for the Community Livestock Development Project. NRs. 0.789 million Single
19. Study on Impact on Open Fertilizer Distribution Policy on Nepalese Agricultural Sector Project
(EC No. 265)
DOA&C/DOEA&S Organized workshop to initiate the work with participation of DG/DDC and other officials at DEAS; Carried out household survey of chemical fertilizer users and non-users; and PRA, RRA and FGD conducted for stakeholders at field level (DADO, AIC, traders and farmers). NRs. 0.121 million i.a.w. IRDS
20. Study on Management & Socio-Economic Impact of Saving & Credit Co-operatives Project
(EC No. 268)
Department of
Conducted survey of Saving and Credit co-operative in 10 districts with stakeholder consultation. NRs. 0.346 million Single
21. Assessment of Supply, Distribution and Use of Fertilizer
(EC No. 274)
Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operatives Study on assessment of supply, distribution and use of fertiliser in the mountain and high hill districts project. NRs. 0.655 million Single
22. Study on the Possibility and Challenges of Marketing and Policy Implementation
(EC No. 280)
Department of Co-operative Study on Policy Implementation of tea and coffee. NRs. 0.395 million i.a.w. ParaCon (P) Ltd.
23. Marketing System of Export oriented Agricultural Commodities Study
(EC No. 282)
MRSMP/DOA Study of Marketing System of Export Oriented Agricultural Commodities: Tea, Betel Nut, Cardamom and Ginger in Relevant Districts of Eastern Development Region. NRs. 0.63 million J.V. with ParaCon (P) Ltd.
24. Study on Contribution of Cooperative Sector in the National Income
(EC No. 295)
DOAC Study carried out in various districts regarding the cooperative business and its role in National incme. NRs. 0.432 million J.V. with ParaCon (P) Ltd.
25. Refresher Training on Implementation of Small Scale Irrigation Schemes for JT/JTAs
(EC No. 298)
Crop Diversification Project Conduction of Refresher Training for JT/JTAs for implementation of Small Scale Irrigation Schemes. NRs. 0.625 million J.V.. with IRDS (P) Ltd.
26. Farmers Level Training on Skill Development
(EC No. 300)
Crop Diversification Project/DOA Organise and conduct the training the farmers of CDP districts at two sites Sundarpur, Dhangadhi and Khajura, Nepalgunj. NRs. 1.347 million J.V. with ParaCon (P) Ltd.
27. Study on Potentiality of Income Generating and Entrepreneurship Development through Co-operatives in Karnali Zone
(EC No. 304)
Department of
Study of Co-operative in Kalikot and Jumla for capacity building of co-operative. NRs. 0.333 million J.V. with ParaCon (P) Ltd.