S.N. Name of Project Client Description of Project Rendered Value of Work Project Period Remarks
1 Survey of Biogas Plants 
(EC No. 118)
SNV/Nepal Evaluation of the quality of biogas plants constructed in FY 2049/2050 (1992-93) by the two biggest private constructors using questionnaires checklists, discussions, interviews, site works etc NRs. 0.4 million April 1993 
June 1993.
2 Biogas Users Survey 1992 -1993 
(EC No. 124)
SNV-Nepal To evaluate the effect of biogas on users of plants constructed under the `Biogas Support Programme (BSP) in FY 1992-93. NRs. 0.4 million Nov. 1993
Feb. 1994
3 Rural Infrastructure Development Project
(EC No. 127)
ADB-Manila Feasibility Study & review of a proposed project concerning village to – market subprojects and rural infrastructure development and assess the relative priority within the Eighth Development Plan and a study of the implications of the project on the governments budgetary position. US $ 0.92 million Jan. 1994
May 1994
in association with ARD, USA and B.N. Acharya and Associates, Nepal
4 Proposed Rural Infrastructure Development Project
(EC No. 153)
Asian Development Bank, Manila Initial survey focuses on technical, environment and socio-economic assessment of the proposed road segments and selection of 100 km of possible road alignment from proposed 300 km in the districts of Kavre and Tanahun NRs. 0.6 million Sept. 1995 
Feb. 1996
5 Biogas Users Survey 1994-1995 (EC No. 156) SNV/Nepal Monitor by survey comprising 100 household installed biogas plant during F.Y. 1994-95. NRs. 0.40 million Nov. 1995
Mar. 1996
6 Food for Work Programme
(EC No. 157)
GTZ/Nepal Field survey and preparation of district profile to provide indicative figures and information about number of possible villages and users group interested in carrying out a certain Food for Work Programme. NRs. 5.0 million Dec. 1995
Jul. 1996
7 ChFDP: Siraha/ Saptari Pond Assessment Survey
(EC No. 158)
GTZ/Nepal Identification of technical, utilization and benefit and management as well as institutional status of the ponds constructed under ChFDP and also to prepare up-to-date status of each pond. NRs. 0.628 million Jan.1996 
Mar. 1996
8 Food for Work Programme
(EC No. 167)
GTZ/Nepal, FFW/WFP/MLD Implementation of Rural Community Infrastructure Works particularly the rural roads constructed with LEP process through self-help approach in Doti, Baitadi and Dadeldhura Districts of Far Western Development Region. NRs 6.1 million Sept. 1996 
Aug. 1997
9 Survey/Study of Local Raw Material for Promotion of Small & Medium Enterprises
(EC No. 171)
SMEDP/FNCCI Detailed study and survey of local agriculture, mineral and forestry based raw materials in 15 district for Small and Medium Enterprise Development Project. Value NRs. 0.5 million. NRs. 0.45 million Nov. 1996
Feb. 1997
10 Biogas Cost Survey (EC No. 176) BSP/SNV Survey of Cost of Biogas Plant Construction. NRs. 0.3 million Aug. 1997- 
Sept. 1997
11 Rural Finance Project (ADB TA No. 2836-NEP)
(EC No. 183)
ADB-Manila Project Preparation. NRs. 2.8 million Nov. 1997
Apr. 1998.
in association with Uniconsult, Bangladesh
12 Real Cost Construction Survey of a Typical Biogas Plant
(EC No. 202)
Biogas Support Programme/SNV Survey on Costs of Biogas Plant Construction, carried out at Chitwan and Syangja Districts. Survey was conducted to find out the actual cost and estimated cost of Biogas Plants of varying sizes being constructed under the Biogas Support Programme through the recognized biogas construction companies. NRs. 0.15 million Sept.1999 Oct.1999 Single
13 Evaluation of Ghatta Mills
(EC No. 203)
GTZ/Nepal Evaluation of Ghatta Mill. Study was carried out in four districts; Ilam, Kavre, Sindhupalchowk and Dailekh. For comparative assessment of installation of improved Ghatta Mill and Peltric Sets by CRT with support from GTZ. NRs. 0.15 million Mar.1999 Apr.1999 Single
14 Food for Work Programme
(EC No. 205)
WFP, Bajhang Social mobilization and monitoring support for WFP   Jun. Aug. 1999 Single
15 Food for Work Programme 99/2000
(EC No. 206)
GTZ Project identification; project assessment; project implementation and maintenance; and monitoring and reporting of Baitadi, Doti and Dadeldhura Districts in Far Western Development Region. NRs. 5.42 Million Sep. 1999-
Aug. 2000
16. Micro-Hydro Project
(EC No. 208)
ESAP/DANIDA Area Selection Study NRs. 0.248 million Jan. – Mar. 2000 Single
17. Solar P. V. Home System Users Survey 1999/2000
(EC No. 210)
Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC) Socio-economic impact study on Solar Home System Users in 10 Districts. NRs. 0.39 Million Feb.18-May 10, 2000 Full Bright Consultancy (P) Ltd. (J.V.)
18. Micro-Hydropower Feasibility Study (056/057) of Solukhumbu District
(EC No. 211)
Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC) Feasibility Study of ten selected sites, selection of five most feasible sites and detailed design of one most feasible site Bhuwa Khola MHP Project. NRs. 0.42 million Mar.29
Jul. 19, 2000
19. Second Rural Infrastructure Development Project 
(EC No. 238)
ADB/RIDP Project Preparation Technical Assistance (PPTA). US.$. 1.018 million May 21, 2001 -Mar.7, 2002 J.V. SWK/ITT & SiDEF
20. Feasibility Study on Community Based Recycling of Solid Waste into Compost Manure and Biogas Production in Lalitpur Municipality of Nepal
(EC No. 220)
AEPC Data Analysis and Reporting NRs. 0.0995 million Apr. 26, 2000 
Jul. 3, 2000
21. Micro-Hydropower Sites of Lalitpur District
(EC No. 221)
AEPC Data Analysis and Reporting of Study NRs. 0.498 million May – July 2000 Single
22. Micro-Hydro Project
(EC No. 241)
AEPC Inventory and Assessment Study of Micro-hydro and Solar Energy Technologies Activities in Nepal. NRs. 0.15 million May 18-Jul.15, 2001 Single
23. Solar Energy Support Programme
(EC No. 244)
AEPC/ESAP Provide Quality Assurance and Monitoring Services. As per Budget planning for each batch of work Oct. 20, 2001 
Sept. 30, 2002
24. Renewable Energy Project Nepal
(EC No. 281)
SOFRECO, France Technical Assistance for renewable energy. Euro 9.300 Feb. 15-Jul. 15, 2005 Single
25. Quality Assurance & Monitoring of Solar Home Systems
(EC No. 283)
AEPC/ESAP Site verification and Technical Examination of Solar Home System installed. NRs.2.021 million Jan. 31-Jun.30, 2005 Single
26. Biogas Users Survey 2004/05
(EC No. 285)
Alternative Energy Promotion Centre Conducting Biogas Users Survey comprising of socio-economic, gender, energy, environment, health and other related aspects in 15 districts of all five development regions. NRs. 0.651 million Mar. 4 – Jun. 3, 2005 Single
27. Study on Management & Socio-Economic Impact of Saving & Credit Co-operatives Project
(EC No. 268)
Department of 
Conducted survey of Saving and Credit co-operative in 10 districts with stakeholder consultation. NRs. 0.346 million Mar. 5, 2004 
June 4, 2004
28. Quality Assurance & Monitoring of Solar Home System
(EC No. 293)
AEPC/ESAP Quality Assurance & Monitoring As per Budget planning for each batch of work Feb. 22-July 21, 2006 Single
29. Quality Assurance & Monitoring of Solar Home System in the Field 
(EC No. 302)
AEPC/ESAP Quality Assurance & Monitoring As per Budget planning for each batch of work May 9-Sept. 8, 2007 Single