Sector and Fields of Activities



    We go down to put our Client on the top


      We investigate soils to assure the quality of our services to the Client  
We connect Himal, Pahad and Terai for enhancing access of our Client to all over Nepal
We cross over the Natural Streams and pass through the Rocky Mountains for linking our Clients always across any natural Barriers


We treat and manage urban solidwaste and wastwater for keeping
environment clean



  • Road,Highway,Bridge, Tunnel, Waterway, Ropeway, Railway;
  • Traffic, Transport Planning and Public Transportation;
  • Water Supply/Sewerage Systems/Industrial Waterworks and Wastewater Treatment/Solid Waste Management;
  • Irrigation & Drainage/Water Conservation and Utilization/River Training & Flood Control;
  • Agriculture, Forest, Fishery and Livestock Development
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Quality Management;
  • Urban Development and Town Planning;
  • Tourism,Trade, Commerce and Industrial Infrastructure Development;
  • Education, Health and Human Resources Development;
  • Hydropower,Solar Power and Biogas Development;
  • Land Planning, Building and Architecture;
  • Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment and Policy Planning;
  • Project Review, Monitoring and Evaluation;
  • Regional Development Planning
  • Social Development Planning and
  • Technical Audit of Infrastructure Projects