East Consult is a leading consulting firm in Nepal in the field of engineering planning, design and construction supervision of infrastructure. Its professional experience can be traced back to 1973 when East Consulting Engineers was established. With the expansion of activities, the name of the firm was changed to East Consult and registered in the Government of Nepal in 1981 (Reg. No. 1284/037) as a Private Limited Company. East Consult is also registered in Asian Development Bank with CMS No. 003069.It is also founder member firm of Society of Consulting Engineering and Architecture Firms (SCAEF) with membership No. M1. As a matter of quality management and control policy, the East Consult accord top priority to the interest of the clients and assures the best quality services always. In addition, it maintains a high standard of performance and technical excellence using the latest state of art technology. These factors largely account for the success achieved till date and sustainability of the firm so long.

The Managing Director of the firm assumes full responsibility for the company and is empowered to control and manage the entire affairs of the company. In each project, one of the directors of the firm takes full professional responsibility for the project. He assumes the role of Project Director and is supported by the project organization. East Consult follows a policy of close cooperation with other consulting firms, local and international and take their help as and when required for cutting edge technology and skills. East Consult also maintains good relationship with individual consultants from different disciplines and is able to take their services as Resource Consultants, whenever necessary.

The consulting businesses are planned and developed centrally in the leadership of the Managing Director of the firm. The Managing Director runs the daily business of the firm and decides on the projects or cooperation or partnership with other firms like joint venture or association whatever. However, other directors of the firm can also initiate business promotion or development activities with the approval of the Managing Director on the case to case basis.


There are two types of staffing policies adopted in the company. According to it staffing of the company is done in two categories namely regular staffs and project staffs. The regular staffs are employed without any time limits and get all the benefits as per Labour Acts of Government of Nepal. But project staffs are employed with time limits as per duration of projects and get benefits based on the contract negotiation between the individual candidate staff and the firm represented by the Managing Director. The benefits to be given to a particular project staff are generally determined and negotiated on the basis of billing rates of the projects. In general project staff are appointed and deployed by the Managing Director of the firm with the recommendation of the concern Project Directors or Coordinators. However all the regular staffs are appointed and deployed by the Managing Director of the firm as per needs and vacancies. The career development opportunities and promotion of regular staffs are evaluated and determined by the Managing Director annually with the approval of the Board of Directors (BOD).

Overall activities of the firm are directed, controlled and led by a Boards of Directors (BOD) elected from among the shareholders for two years term. Such BOD is normally composed of 5 members or more including Managing Director by the collective decisions of the shareholders. From among the BOD members one will be selected as Chairman of the BOD and Managing Director of the firm shall be its Member Secretary. Management Functions of the BOD have been set out according to the Company Act of the Government of Nepal.


East Consult is committed to provide excellent quality consultancy services for economic prosperity and development of Nepal. Its Mission Statement is “Commitment to Quality, Quantity and Delivery on Time (QQDOT) Consultancy Services to build a more peaceful and prosperous new Nepal “.


To deliver quality study, research and consultancy service nationally and internationally by organizing, leading and directing the efforts of the best professionals actively working in the planning and development of infrastructure in Nepal.


  • Er. Pemba Lama ——– ———–Chairman of Board of Directors/Founder Director
  • Er. Prakash Chandra Joshi ———-Member of Board of Directors/Founder Director
  • Er. Pemba Lama ———————–Member of Board of Directors/Founder Director
  • Er. Laxman Prasad Ghimire ——–Member of Board of Directors/Founder Director
  • Er. Ananta Bahadur Gurung ——–Member of Board of Directors/Managing Director
  • Mr. Sushil Kumar Shrestha ———–Director
  • Prof. Upendra Man Malla ——– Director
  • Er. B. P. Shah —————————- Director
  • Er. Mahesh Acharya ———–Director


S.N. Name Nationality
1. Late Er. I. R. Onta Nepali
2. Er. P. Lama Nepali
3. Er. P. C. Joshi Nepali
4. Er. L. P. Ghimire Nepali
5. Er. A. B. Gurung Nepali
6. Mr. S. K. Shrestha Nepali
7. Er. N. Shrestha Nepali
8. Er. G.S. L. Shrestha Nepali
9. Mr. M. R. Chalise Nepali
10. Mr. H. K. Yonjan Nepali
11. Mr. P.L. Joshi Nepali
12. Mr. B.P. Shah Nepali


Ananta Bahadur Gurung
Managing Director
P.O. Box 1192, Basundhara,
Ring Road, Kathmandu, Nepal
Mobile: 98510-50159


P.O. Box 1192, Basundhara,
Ring Road, Kathmandu, Nepal
Telephone No.: 977-1-4383785, 977-1-4356196, 977-1-4356948
Fax : 977-1-4356948


44 Years

Special Features of the Firm:

  • The first company of its kind established in Nepal;
  • Registered under Company Act 2021 of Nepal;
  • Only the firm that has adopted the Labor Act, 2048 and Labor Rules, 2050 of Nepal;
  • Only the firm that has adopted the Trade Union Act, 2049 and Trade Union Rules, 2050 of Nepal; and
  • The pioneer firm that has adopted the Nepal Engineering Council Act, 2055 and Nepal Engineering Council Rules 2057.

Directive Principles of the Firm:

  • Hates corruption;
  • Fully adopts ADB’s Anticorruption Policy of hating Corrupt Practice, Fraudulent Practice, Coercive Practice, and Collusive Practice;
  • Fully adopts the Professional Code of Conduct prescribed by the Nepal Engineering Council Rules, 2057 under Parichchhed-4 and Dapha-18;
  • Fully adopts GON’s Anticorruption Policies;
  • Hates discrimination to people on the basis of caste, color, religion, culture, region, language, gender economic/social status and politics;
  • Believes on the Individual Freedom, Human Right and Rule of Laws; and
  • Hates killing, raping, high jacking for extortion of money, misbehaving to senior citizens/women, use of child labors and human trafficking.