S.N. Name of Project Client Description of Project Rendered Value of Work Remarks
1. Socio-Economic Impact Trail Suspension Bridges
(EC No. 2)
USAID/Nepal Socio-Economic impact study of 13 USAID financed Trail Suspension Bridges. NRs. 0.88 million Single
2. Priority Ranking of Suspension Bridges
(EC No. 5)
USAID/Nepal Trail Socio-Economic site survey and Priority ranking of 10 trail suspension bridges, preparation of bilingual manual for site survey procedures. NRs. 0.48 million Single
3. Small Turbine & Mill Project (EC No. 27) United Mission to Nepal Socio-Economic evaluation study of small turbines. NRs. 0.062 Million Single
4. Bhaktapur Development Project (EC No. 32) BDP/German Aid Socio-Economic Study of Irrigation Alternatives around Bhaktapur. NRs. 0.06 million Single
5. Socio-Economic Evaluation of Micro-Hydro
(EC No. 91)
ITDG-Rugby, U.K Socio-economic evaluation of the impact of the private and community owned micro-hydro schemes on rural communities of Nepal. NRs. 0.210 million Single
6. RIDP, Kavre and Tanahu Districts Initial Environmental Examination AsDB/Manila Environmental features and studies positive and negative environmental impacts of selected roads, possible mitigation measures and relevant recommendations. The study was carried out in accordance with Asian Development Banks’ Environmental Guidelines for Selected Infrastructure Projects (1990) and the Labor-Based Environment-Friendly Participatory (LEP) approach. Before and during field investigation relevant literature and maps were consulted. NRs. 0.5 million Single
7. Development of Policy on Ecology and Strategy on Natural Resource management (EC No. 155) SNV/Nepal To formulate on Ecology Policy; to design the ‘ecology’ part of the MHDP Monitoring and Evaluation Strategy; and to assist in the development of a strategy on Natural Resource Management. NRs. 0.514 million Single
8. Biogas Users Survey 1994-95 (EC No. 156) SNV/Nepal To monitor the effect of biogas plants on users through a field survey of 100 households in 12 districts both in the Hills and the Terai. The comprehensive questionnaires were administered to assess the physical status and functioning at household level. In addition spot inspection and observation was also a major instruments adopted for the study. NRs. 0.40 Million Single
9. Food for Work Programme (EC No. 157) GTZ/Nepal Field survey and preparation of district profile to provide indicative figures and information about number of possible villages and users group interested in carrying out a certain Food for Work Programme. NRs. 5.0 million Single
10. Project Monitoring and Evaluation Project
(EC No. 160)
GTZ/PLBP Support, co-ordinate and monitor the implementation of PME modules in Dolakha, Lalitpur and Parsa districts. NRs. 1.06 million Single
11. Food for Work Program FFW/GTZ Project Assessment Phase NRs. 15 million Single
12. Food for Work Program German Technical Cooperation Implementation Phase NRs. 20 million Single
13. Food for Work Program GTZ/FFW Technical Assistance in Implementation Phase NRs. 11 million Single
14. Food for Work Programme (EC No. 167) GTZ/Nepal, FFW/WFP/MLD Implementation of Rural Community Infrastructure Works particularly the rural roads constructed with LEP process through self-help approach in Doti, Baitadi and Dadeldhura Districts of Far Western Development Region. NRs 6.1 million Single
15. Irrigation Sector
Project: Project Benefit
Monitoring Evaluation,
Project Completion Report Study
(EC No. 172)
DOI/ADB Project Benefit, Monitoring and Evaluation and Project Completion Report Preparation covering 25,000 ha. in the country. NRs. 1.7 million Single
16. Survey on Cost of Biogas Plant Construction (EC No. 176) BSP/SNV Survey of Cost of Biogas Plant Construction. NRs. 0.154 million Single
17. Real Cost Construction Survey of a Typical Biogas Plant
(EC No. 202)
Biogas Support
Survey on Costs of Biogas Plant Construction, carried out at Chitwan and Syangja Districts. Survey was conducted to find out the actual cost and estimated cost of Biogas Plants of varying sizes being constructed under the Biogas Support Programme through the recognized biogas construction companies. NRs. 0.15 million Single

Evaluation of Ghatta Mills
(EC No. 202)


GTZ/Nepal Evaluation of Ghatta Mill. Study was carried out in four districts; Ilam, Kavre, Sindhupalchowk and Dailekh. For comparative assessment of installation of improved Ghatta Mill and Peltric Sets by CRT with support from GTZ. NRs. 0.15 million Single
19. Solar P.V. Home System User´s Survey 1999/2000
(EC No. 210)
Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC) Socio-economic impact study on Solar Home System Users in 10 Districts. NRs. 0.39 million Full Bright Consultancy (P) Ltd. (J.V.)
20. Rajapur Irrigation Rehabilitation Project
(EC No. 231)
DOI/ADB Socio-economic Survey of farmer beneficiaries in Command Area of about 16,000 ha.. NRs. 1.86 million GEOCE Consult (J.V.)
21. HARP Projects
(EC No. 262)
Funded by DFID Outcome Evaluation of HARP Projects. NRs. 0.336 million Single
22. Quality Assurance & Monitoring of Solar Home System Project
(EC No. 266)
AEPC/ESAP 3rd Round Monitoring of SHS in districts of five development regions. NRs. 1.5 million Single