S.N Name of Project Client Description of Project Rendered Value of Work Project Period Remarks
1. Dhulikhel Development Project Feasibility Study with Community Participation Approach
(EC No. 14)
GTZ/Nepal. Feasibility study of urban development with an emphasis on water supply and sanitation. NRs. 0.16 million May – Aug. 1981 Single
2. Dhankuta Community Auxiliary Training Centre Project
(EC No.24 )
G.M. Consulting 
Engg. Kathmandu
Topographical survey of land for Dhankuta CMATC Project. NRs. 82,000 Jan. – Feb. 1981 Single
3. Crematorium Building (EC No. 58 ) KNP Design & Preparation of Tender Documents. NRs. 0.06 million Dec. 1986-
Apr. 1987
4. Rural Education and Training including 
Micro-Credit Program
(EC No. 84 );
Rural Education & Training Program was a community level action oriented program. The program, which covered a group of 110 poor families from 3 villages in Gorkha District of Nepal, aimed at identifying the villagers felt need and in developing self-help technologies through education and training. The program seeks to develop small self-help and self-managed village level activities using micro-credits to benefit the rural poor and improve their natural environment. The program was implemented and funded by EastConsult. Fund provided by 
Fund provided by


Nov. 1987-
June 1988
5. Bishnumati Link Road (EC No. 136) DOR Detailed design and construction supervision. NRs. 3.0 million Jun.1994 to Feb. 1995 in association with Roughton & Partners Ltd., U.K. and GEOCE
6. Private Housing Complex (EC No. 151) Architectural Design 
Detailed Design of 10 km road and minor bridges at Budhanilkantha height.   Aug. – Oct. 1995 Single
7. Kathmandu Municipal Infrastructure Improvement Project
(EC No. 165)
KMC (MIIP) Detailed plan (layout), design and preparation of tender document of Access Roads & Drainage in the Kathmandu core-area. NRs. 1.5 million Aug. 1996 – Dec. 1996 Single
8. Sidhartha Nagar Bus Park Project (EC No. 177) TDFB Review of Tender Documents of Newly Construction Bus Park at Sidhartha Nagar NRs. 0.26 million Aug. 1997- Sept. 1997 Single
9. Second Tourism Infrastructure Development Project-Septage and Solid Waste Management and Access Road
(EC No. 179a)
Pokhara SubMetropolis Detailed Design and Construction Supervision of Land Fill Area and Access Road. NRs. 5.0 million Nov. 1997- To date Single
10. Second Tourism Infrastructure Development Project-Pokhara Environmental Improvement Project, Urban Road Improvement Works, Package PEIP/URIR-1
(EC No. 179b)
KMC/HMG-N/MOT/ ADB Design and construction supervision of various roads at Pokhara Sub-Metropolitan area. NRs. 3.0 million Feb. 2001 – Jul. 2003 Single
11. Arniko Highway Project (EC No. 182) TDFB Mater Planning and 1st Phase Detailed Engineering Design of 1500 m stretch of Arniko Highway in Banepa Municipality. NRs. 1.0 million Nov. 1997 April 1998 Single
12. Kathmandu Municipality Infrastructure Development Project (Package-IV: Roads and Access Improvement)
(EC No. 184)
KMC/MIIP Detailed Engineering Design and Construction Supervision of On-Road and Off-Road Development for Vehicular and Pedestrian Traffic along Kantipath and Durbar Marg. NRs. 1.8 million Feb. 1998 – Ongoing Single
13. Siddharthanagar and Butwal Bus Parks Construction Project
(EC No. 192)
Town Development Fund Construction supervision of Bus Park in Siddharthanagar & Butwal Municipality. NRs. 4.4 million 13th July 1998 -March, 2000 (J.V.) AEDA & CERA
14. Feasibility Study on Community Based Recycling of Solid Waste
(EC No. 215)
AEPC Desk Study and Reconnaissance Survey Feasibility Study for making Compost and Biogas from Municipality Solid waste. NRs. 0.0998 million Mar.15-Jun. 15, 2000 Single
15. Feasibility Study on Community Based Recycling of Solid Waste into Compost Manure and Biogas Production in Lalitpur Municipality of Nepal
(EC No. 217)
AEPC Field Visit and Data Collection for Desk Study and Reconnaissance Survey Feasibility Study for making Compost and Biogas from Municipality Solid waste. NRs. 0.0995 million Jun. 9- 20, 2000 Single
16. Proposed Birgunj Bus Park 
(EC No. 213)
TDF Drilling and Soil Investigation Works NRs. 0.325 Million Jun. 12-Aug.20, 2000 ESLA Consult (P) Ltd. (J.V.)
17. Siddharthanagar and Butwal Bus Park Project
(EC No. 236)
TDF Detailed engineering designs for Bus Terminal Access/Exit Road of Butwal and Siddharthanagar Municipalities. NRs. 0.31 million Apr.16, 2001- Ongoing J.V. AEDA & CERA
18. Bishnumati Link Road Project
(EC No. 239)
DUDBC/BLRP Construction Supervision of Sorhakhutte-Indrayani Road Sector. NRs. 0.095 million Apr.12-May 5, 2001 Single
19. Bishnumati Link Road Project
(EC No. 247)
KMC Construction Supervision for Jamal to Tindhara Pathshala Road Sector. NRs. 0.398 million Dec. 13,2001 Jan. 26, 2002 Single
20. Bishnumati Link Road Project
(EC No. 248)
DUDBC/BLRP Survey & Design of Kamal Pokhari to Jain Mandir Sector. NRs. 0.099 million Nov. – Dec. 2001 Single
21. Naya Bazar Land Pooling Project
(EC No. 250)
KMC Construction Supervision. NRS. 0.603 million Apr.11Oct. 11, 2002 ESLA (J.V.)
22. Lumbini Bus Park Project
(EC No. 254)
TDF Supervision of Construction of Lumbini Bus Terminal Phase-II. NRs. 0.499 million Feb. 7 – Aug. 22,2003 AEDA/CERA (J.V.)
23. Urban Road Improvement Program
(EC No. 254a)
KMC Detailed Design of Roads from Lainchaur Junction to Sorhakhutte Sector. NRs. 0.00495 million June 17-Aug. 20,2002 Single
24. Arniko Highway Project
(EC No. 260)
TDF Redesign and Detailed Engineering of Arniko Highway Portion in Banepa Municipality. NRs. 1.0 million July 1-Aug. 31, 2003 Single
25. Masterplanning and 1st Phase Feasibility/ Detailed Engineering of Central Bus Terminal at Bharatpur Municipality
(EC No. 263)
TDF Detailed survey, design, IEE and feasibility study of proposed Paras Bus Terminal at Bharatpur Municipality. NRs. 0.904 million Nov. 24, 2003-
Nov. 2004
26. Construction Supervision of Central Bus Terminal in Bharatpur Municipality
(EC No. 307
Town Development Fund Construction supervision of building, drainages and internal circulation road including parking area. NRs. 3.437 million June 10, 2007 
Dec. 9, 2008