S.No Name Designation Qualification Responsibility
1. A.B Gurung Managing Director M.Sc.Env. Management, B.E. (Civil) Infrastructure and Environmental Specialist
2. S.K.Shrestha Director M.Sc. (Agri.),M.A. (Sociology). Community / Rural Agriculture Specialist / Soil Scientist
3. U.M Malla Director B.Litt.(Oxon),M.A (Geography) Environmental Specialist
5. B.P. Shah Director M.Sc.(Const. Mgmt.), B.Tech. (Civil) Highway Engineer / Construction Management Specialist
6. M. Acharya Associate Director B.E. Civil Civil Engineer /Quantity Engineer.
7. Jyotsna Shrestha Architect planner B.Arch.,M. Sc. Planning Architectural Design and Planning
9. Amrit Gc Accounting Expert MBA Financial Management.
10. Sekhar Bhattarai Internal Auditor B.Com. Internal Auditing and Tax Management.
11. Mohan Gurung Civil Engineer B.E Civil Engineer
12. Sujata Adhikari Civil Engineer  B.E Civil Engineer
13. Anish Dongol Civil Engineer  B.E Civil Engineer


S.No Name Qualification Designation
1. B.P. Shah M.Sc.(Const. Mgmt.), B.Tech. (Civil) Team Leader
2. Uday N. Thakur M.Sc.(Const.Mgmt.),B.E (Civil) Road Design/Quality Engg.
3. Chandeshwar p. Gupta M. Sc. Degree (Structural Engineering) in Civil,AMIE (Civil) Road ,Bridge/Quality Engg.
4 Raj Kishore Jha B.E. (Civil), University of Rajasthan, India, 1988 PME/PE Specialist
5. Rikesh Chitrakar M.Sc.(Environment) Environment Engg./specialist
6. Mahima Singh S.L.C Office Manager
7. Shanti Kathel S.L.C Office ass.Manager