Name of Project Client Description of Project Rendered Value of Work Remarks
1. Nepal 132 KV and 33 KV Substations
(EC No. 25)
Best and Crompton Engineering In connection with the Installation of 132 KV and 33 KV systems in the Central and Eastern Development Regions of Nepal, Topographic Survey of four substation sites namely: Hetauda, Dhalkebar, Bharda and Dubahi was conducted and detailed contour maps were prepared. NRs. 0.025 Million Single
2. Pre-feasibility Study of Mini-Micro Hydel Project
(EC No. 28)
SHDB, HMG/N Pre-feasibility study of micro hydel projects in 10 different sites of Rolpa district NRs. 40,000 Single
3. Study of Small Hydropower Projects- Problems & Prospects
(EC No. 68)
National Council for Science and Technology, Nepal Study of problem areas in Small Hydro Power Projects and recommendations in the form of a strategy for future development of Small Hydropower Sector. NRs. 0.17 Million Single
4. 132KV Transmission Line Survey Project
(EC No. 75)
NEA Detailed Survey and Engineering of Kohalpur Chisapani part of Kohalpur-Mahendranagar 132 KV Transmission Line. NRs. 0.50 Million Single
5. Socio-Economic Evaluation of Micro-Hydro
(EC No. 91)
ITDG-Rugby, U.K Socio-economic evaluation of the impact of the private and community owned micro-hydro schemes on rural communities of Nepal. NRs. 0.210 million Single
6. Kali-Gandaki A Hydro-power Project
(EC No. 104)
Norpower S.A./NEA Design of Access Roads and Socio-Environmental Study of Kali-Gandaki Hydro-power Project. US$ 0.40 Million Single
7. Pancheswor Hydropower Project (EC No. 112) PACO Member of consortium assigned to undertake the project definition study of Pancheswor Hydro Power Project. NRs. 0.5 Million Single
8. Langtang Khola Small Hydropower Project
(EC No. 113)
GTZ/HMG-N Preparation of feasibility study of Langtang Khola Small Hydropower Project including review, geological and topographical investigation, energy requirements, load demand assessment, power potential of site, socio-economic and environmental impact assessment. NRs. 0.8 Million Single
9. Kaligandaki A Hydroelectric Project Transmission Line Survey
(EC No. 116)
NEA Detailed topographical survey of transmission lines from Pokhara to Powerhouse and Powerhouse to Pokhara (Aprox. 100 km). NRs. 0.40 Million Project undertaken on behalf of CNC (Consortium of Nepalese Consultants)
10. Kali Gandaki Hydro-electric Project-Partial Supervision and Advisory Services
(EC No. 117)
Nepal Electricity Authority/
Provide Advisory Services to Nepal Electricity Authority in the execution of the construction of the Access Roads for the Kali Gandaki A Hydro-electric Project. In addition, partial supervision of construction work. NRs. 0.40 Million Single
11. Trishuli-Devighat Hydropower Upgrading Project
(EC No. 121)
CIWEC Environmental Surveillance and Monitoring Program for the Trishuli – Devighat Hydroelectric Rehabilitation Project. NRs. 0.757 million Single
12. Kathmandu Valley HV Network Reinforcement
(EC No. 126)
NEA (i) Vendor Drawing Review; (ii) Site Inspection of Equipment/Inspection of Work; (iii) Construction Supervision; and (iv) Testing and Commissioning of the Project. NRs. 0.6 Million i.a.w. TATA Consulting Engineers
13. Computerized Billing Project (EC No. 132) NEA Consulting Services to assist Nepal Electricity Authority in procurement and installation of Computerized Consumer Accounting System NRs. 2.0 million in association with Tata Consulting
14. Kaligandaki A Hydroelectric Project
(EC No. 178)
MKI Sub-Consultancy Agreement for Provision of Technical Staff for Construction Supervision and Transmission Line Survey. NRs. 3.8 Million Single
15. Indrawati-III Hydroelectric Project
(EC No. 185)
National Hydropower Co. (P) Ltd. Topographical Survey from Intake to Powerhouse site NRs.0.145 Million Single
16. Indrawati-III 33 KV Transmission Line Project
(EC No. 186)
National Hydropower Co. Detailed Engineering Survey of 31 Km. Transmission Line from Panchakhal Sub-Station to Powerhouse Site. NRs. 0.399 Million Single
17. Kaligandaki A Hydro-Electric Project
(EC No. 197)
TATA Projects Ltd. Profile check and tower plotting for 132 KV Transmission Line between Kaligandaki – Pokhara and Kaligandaki Butwal (114 km) the project assignment carried out by East Surveying Co. NRs. 2.2 Million Single
18. Indrawati-III Hydroelectric Project (Melamchi-Tipeni)
(EC No. 198)
National Hydropower Company (P) Ltd. Detailed survey, design, construction supervision and monitoring of access road of about 8 km from Melamchi to Intake site. NRs. 18.0 Million Single
19. Kathmandu Valley HV Network Reinforcement Project
(EC No. 126)
NEA/IDA To provide engineering inputs in areas of vendor drawings review, site inspection of equipment inspection at works, construction supervision, testing and commissioning. US$ 11,800.00 in association with Tata Consulting Engineers, India.
20. Indrawati-III Hydropower 66 kV Transmission Line Project
Part-I: Design & Bid
NHPCL Part-I: The document contains the Invitation for Bids for Engineering, Procurement and Construction of 66 kV Transmission Line from the Power House at Jyamire VDC for the Indrawati – III HEP (SMW) to Panchkhal Substation; technical specification for material & construction; and Tower Location Map (Scale: 1:2000) prepared after thorough topographical survey. NRs. 0.5 Million Single
 Part-II: IEE
(EC No. 201)
 Part-II:IEE Study of the above alignment with 25m wide RoW undertaken to identify positive and negative impacts, suggest mitigation measures and prepare monitoring plan.  Â
21. Micro-Hydro Project
(EC No. 208)
ESAP/DANIDA Area Selection Study NRs. 0.248 Million Single
22. Micro-Hydropower Feasibility Study (056/057) of Solukhumbu District
(EC No. 211)
Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC) Feasibility Study of ten selected sites, selection of five most feasible sites and detailed design of one most feasible site Bhuwa Khola MHP Project. NRs. 0.42 Million Single
23. Micro-Hydropower Sites of Lalitpur District
(EC No. 214)
AEPC Desk Study and Reconnaissance Survey for identification of measures to run MHS for smooth operation. NRs. 0.0993 Million Single
24. Micro-Hydropower Sites of Lalitpur District
(EC No. 216)
AEPC Detailed Survey for Desk Study and Reconnaissance Survey for identification of measures to run MHS for smooth operation. NRs. 0.0995 Million Single
25. Micro-Hydropower Sites of Lalitpur District
(EC No. 221)
AEPC Data Analysis and Reporting of Study NRs. 0.498 Million Single
26. Hydropower Project
(EC No. 233)
DOED Preparation of Standards for Study of Hydropower Projects NRs. 0.764 Million J.V. HES & NepalConsult
27. Chameliya Hydroelectric Project
(EC No. 242)
NEA-ED Preparation of Scoping and Terms of Reference Document. NRs. 0.298 million Single
28. Bhachowk Khola Micro-Hydro Project
(EC No. 279)
The Manag Engineers and Builders Co. Pvt. Ltd. Survey and Detailed Design at Banjhakhet VDC, Lamjung NRs. 0.405 million Single