Resource Consultants(RC)

A roster of professional is provided separately. It is maintained and updated regularly.

EastConsult maintains good relationship with a large number of experienced resource professionals of diversed disciplines and is able to draw on their resources, whenever necessary. A list of few prominent professionals are as follows:

S.No Name Qualification Expertise
1 Mr. B. B. Deoja M.E. (Transportation) Highway Engineering
2 Mr. A. P. Upadhyaya M.Tech. Sc. (Civil) Highway Engineering
3 Mr. S. K. Rajbhandari M.E. (Civil) Soils/Material Engineer
4 Mr. S. P. Kalakheti M.Sc.(Civil Engg.) Civil Engineer/Irrigation
5 Dr. J. N. Nayak Ph.D. in Hydraulic Structure Irrigation Design Engineer
6 Mr. Sashi Dhungana M.Sc. (Civil) Irrigation Engineer
7 Dr. Kiran K. Bhattarai Doc. Engg., M.S. Environmental Engineering
8 Mr. A. R. Tuladhar B.Sc.,Vordiplompruefung in Civil-Engineering with major subjects on Urban Planning & Sanitation Solid Waste Management/ Waste Water Treatment
9 Mr. Prachar Man Singh Pradhan M.Sc. (Hydraulics & Hydropower Eng.) Hydropower Engineer
10 Mr. Govinda K. C. M.E. (Civil/Water Res). /Hydropo. Eng. Hydropower Engineer
11 Mr. Saroj Lal Shrestha M.Sc. (Civil) Hydropower & Irrigation Engineer
12 Dr. Pushkar Bajracharya Ph.D (Mgmt.), P.G. (Mgmt.) Management Expert
13 Dr. T. K. Shrestha D.Sc. (Wildlife), Ph.D. (Fisheries), M.Sc. (Zoology), Environmentalist
14 Dr. R. B. Khadka Ph.D., M.Sc. in Env. Environmentalist
15 Dr. A. B. Karki Ph.D., M.Sc. Soil Microbiology, Agriculture
16 Dr. Mukunda Ranjit Ph.D., M.S. Agr. Horticulture
17 Mr. Hari Pd. Gurung B.Sc. Agr.; M.Phil Horticulture
18 Mr. Keshav K. C. M.Sc. (Hydrology) Hydro-Geologist
19 Dr. Laxmi Pd. Devkota Ph.D. (Civil/Hydraulic)
M.E. (Water Resources)
20 Mr. N. G. Ghimire M.Sc. (Geology) Engineering Geology
21 Dr. Ramesh Basyal M.Sc. (Geology); Ph.D. (Dip.De Docteur de Troiseme Cycle) Geologist
22 Mr. Bal K. Shrestha M.Sc. (Urban Planning) Urban Development Engineer
23 Mr. Vallabha Sharma M.Tech (Econ.), M.A. (Econ.) Economist
24 Mr. I. M. Shrestha M.Sc., M.A. Econ. Transport Economist
25 Mr. Ram Raj Shrestha M.Com; M.A. Econ. Economist
26 Mr. Tej Raj Bhandari M.A. (Sociology) Sociologist
27 Mr. B. N. Bhatta M.A. (Sociology) Community Motivator
28 Mrs. Puspa Shrestha M.Ed. Community Development Expert
29 Mr. Suresh Kumar Upadhyaya M.A. (Public Administration) Institutional Strengthening Expert
30 Mr. R. G. Shrestha M.Sc. (Dairy Techno.) Dairy Sector Skill Training Specialist
31 Mr. Praveen M. Shakya Post Graduate Diploma Meat Marketing Specialist in Applied Meat Science
32 Mr. Bhaba N. Thakur V.Sc. Ani. Nutrition Veterinary Practitioner
33 Mr. Iswari C. Sharma B.L., M.A. (Econ.) Legal Advisor
34 Mr. Mithilesh K. Singh M.A., D.L. D.I.C. Legal Specialist
35 Dr. A. R. Joshi Ph.D., M.Sc. Env. Botanist/Ecologist (Forestry)
36 Mr. P. P. Pradhan I.C.M.A.; A.C.C.A Chartered Accountant/Financial Analyst
37 Mr. P. Sharma M.Sc. (Geodesy) Survey Engineer
38 Mr. D. G. Rajkarnikar Master in Management Public-Private Partnership Expert
39 Mr. N. D. Joshi B.Sc. Agri.; M. Phil. Animal Nutrition Livestock Development Specialist
40 Mr. S. R. Gurung B. E. (Civil); M.S. Env. Engg.) Environmental Engineer
41 Mr. P. L. Joshi M.Sc. (Zoology) Travel/Tourism, Ecologist
42 Mr. N. K. Agrawal B. E. (Civil) Irrigation Engineering
43. Sagar Onta M.Sc.Civil Engg. (Transportation). B.E. (Civil) Transport Engineering Specialist